Thursday, November 21, 2019

How to keep yourself motivated for college life Essay

How to keep yourself motivated for college life - Essay Example Time management involves taking control of the time spent while doing every activity in the college. Effective time management can be achieved by considering the following options. Firstly, students should prepare a to-do list to guide them on different day-to-day activities. By following the program on the list, students get motivated by the accomplishment done on each activity. Secondly, students can achieve effective time management by scheduling dedicated time for different activities. For example, students should create dedicated study time where they only carryout personal studies. Further, students should identify committed time such as times spend in commuting to the lecture rooms or times spend in class work. By identifying committed time, students can be able to program different activities that do not clash in terms of time of occurrence hence enabling the students to perform the different activities at ease. Lastly, students can save time by developing good study habits and using the spare time available to them. Good study habits include taking necessary notes while in class and attending to all the lectures as required. This way, students can carry out exam revision very effectively using a short time. Farther, students can effectively manage their time by carrying small portions of class work to study during spare time such as time available while waiting in lines. On the other hand, students can be motivated for their college life by being focused on their studies. Identifying the reasons and benefits of being in the college forms the basis of motivation that result good focus on college goals. However, for students to develop good focus on college studies, they should consider implementing the following activities. Firstly, students should think about why they want to graduate on a particular course. Before joining college education, most students are motivated to work

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