Thursday, March 12, 2020

Essay on The ethicsEssay Writing Service

Essay on The ethicsEssay Writing Service Essay on The ethics Essay on The ethicsA person must say the truth, affirms ethics. There is a slight objection: a person also has other obligations. The situations when obligations are conflicting occur quite often in the life. In this case, the realization of two duties is impossible at the same time. Considering similar situations concerning lie, some philosophers think that a person can tell lies in definite situations, while the others say that it is absolutely unacceptable.When a person foreknows that his lie will lead to unfavorable consequences, he can think that it will save him. He regards lie as a way to happiness because it will save him from punishment or atonement. Such a lie is unjustified from the point of view of ethics.Kant affirms that the duty of telling the truth is an absolute obligation in any circumstances. Thus, I. Kant considers that a person has no right to lie. I can hardly agree with his position. Sure, a person should tell the truth but there are cases when voicing of the t ruth can lead to the divulgence of worthwhile secret (state or commercial one). In the example, given by I. Kant, a malefactor is chasing a person. Thismanishidinginhisfriend’shouse. According to I. Kant, theowner of the house is obliged to give up his friend, when the malefactor demands if the man is in the house.Deontological theory (a part of ethics that considers human’s duty as an intern compulsion) examines duty from the point of view of moral rights and justice. The positive aspect of deontological theory is, according to I. Kant, considering moral actions as reasonable ones. Thus, moral actions should be regarded as logical, universal and independent of consequences. In such a way, an action is right only if a person wants that all people do the same in a similar situation. But person’s actions are conditioned with various circumstances, so it can be considered as a negative aspect.

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