Thursday, October 17, 2019

Organized Crime Is a Threat to National Security Essay

Organized Crime Is a Threat to National Security - Essay Example There are people who collect money from shopkeepers in context of providing the required support. Prominent disciplinary structure transforms these gangs into a well-organized group. This organized group is at times referred to as a mob. To great extent, it poses threat to national security due to a wide range of illegal activities that can affect many lives. Organized crime is a conspiratorial enterprise, indulged in illicit activities so as to gain high-profit margins. The concept encompasses bribery and violence to enhance overall operational procedure. It initiates grievous retribution so as to sustain external and internal control. This form of the enterprise also contributes towards election campaigns in order to gain political support for achieving immunity. Political parties are witnessed to support such enterprises and this eventually leads to further growth of crime or terrorism in a nation. The wide range of activities undertaken by this enterprise is credit card fraud, in surance fraud, illegal gambling, kidnapping, gun running, narcotics trade, smuggling, pornography, racketeering, vehicle theft, prostitution, etc. Internet and international terrorism enabled organized crime to spread across the wider geographical area. This conspiratorial enterprise also utilizes sophisticated methods and high tech firms for transfer of weaponry and money. Monopolization can be stated as a major area of concern for cartel, triad, mafia and syndicate. To be more precise there are certain unique characteristics possessed by organized crime which differentiates it from unorganized crime. In this study, these characteristics will be further elaborated along with analyzing its impact on national security. The level of security is deteriorating across the globe with the rapid evolution of organized crime. Organized crime is a disciplinary structure of exhibiting illegal activities. The main objective of such crime is to gain high-profit margins.

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